Miri Hash House Harriers

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The Mismanagement

Run No. 2814 - Tuesday,19th August 2014
Run starts : 5.15pm [Bring Torchlight] 
Hares: Kee Kee , Copy Cock and Friends
Run site : 100 meters after Kampung Lambir just next to UTA Factory
OnOn : T.B.A
Details : Power Station 016-872 1225 




Honorary Grand Master

HP: 01x-xxx xxxx

Grand Master
Chong Mai Kim
HP: 012-888-5555



Grand Mistress

Full Mooon Pussy

Joint Master
Goh Hwa Ping
Tauhoo Cock
HP: 012-875 5557

On Sec
Christopher Sia
Power Station
HP: 016-872 1225

Hash Cash
Tan Lee Poh
Sperm Bank
HP: 019-884 1684

Entertainment Sex
Tan Chung San
Yellow Chocolate Cock
HP: 016-871 9628

Religious Advisor
Lee Kim Tung
Sex Wax


Ballbreaker OC

Hash Sales
Penny Lai

HP: 01x-xxx xxxx

Hash Horn
Chiam Yun Chaw
Jungle Cock
HP: 016-851 3373

Hash Scribe
Lee Swee Yan

Copy Cock

HP: 013-839 793

Hash Flash
Swee Yoon Fam




Ball Breaker - 31 August 2014

Venue : Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

Fee: RM 100 per perperson

Contact : Full Moon Pussy at 0178516919

This Year top 3 fastest survivor will recieve prizes

Miri Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run 2014 - 30th August 2014

Register - RM 80 Venue - Ming Cafe 5pm

Contact : Full Moon Pussy at 0178516919

Special Prize for the 3 best red dress !

RA for Red Dress Run

Rose Chan

Other Chapters Update

Mad Miri Mens H3
Date :16 August 2014
Run starts : 4.30pm
Hares :Xiao Di
Run site :Sungai Rait Log Pond
On On : TBA
Details : Mens Hash GM 019-884 1684

#Mens Hash Founders day October-18-2014#

Fee - 5 runs and more RM 60 while 4 runs and less RM 80

Miri Wild Woman H3
Date :16th August 2014
Run starts : 4.30pm
Hares : Xiao Mei (Xiao Di Wife )
Run site : Sungai Rait Log Pond
On On : T.B.A
Details : Ladies Hash GM 016-879 9933

Hares/Hashers, please note that any and all runs that are held in the National Park/Forest Reserve MUST be approved by the Grand Master.

The Miri Hash House Harriers runs are open to adults. Neither the Hares nor the Miri Hash Committee are liable for any losses, damages or injuries that might occur during a Hash run.